Window Cleaning: Process And Tools

Window Cleaning: Process And Tools

Window Cleaning is a process of removing dirt and dust particles from one’s windowpane. The window may be of a house, a building, a hospital, or any other architecture. It is mainly done manually, using various tools and equipment. However, there are technologies which have developed for the benefit of the workers who clean the windows.

Window cleaning: Tools One Uses

Window Cleaning: Process And Tools
Window Cleaning: Process And Tools

There are a lot of tools one uses to clean the windows of a building. Window cleaning is much easier for a house than a castle. For home, one does not have to climb much high, making it easier for the cleaner to get hold of a good grip. On the other hand, buildings and other architectures have more upper floors, and it is quite difficult for the cleaner to get hold of a good grip. One uses different methods to get on top of the building. The tools which used for window cleaning are:

Window Cleaning: Chamois And Scrim

Window Cleaning: Process And Tools
Window Cleaning: Process And Tools

Chamois is soft leather, made out of sheepskin or lambskin. It works as an excellent cleaning tool, as one uses it to take out the dirt and dust molecules from the window. The window polishes by scrim, which works like a cheesecloth. 

Water-Fed Poles:

Filtered water containing Total dissolved solids(TDS) is used to clean up windows. These water pipes vary significantly in size and connected to a tank from one end. The other purpose contains sprinkler or brushes which help in the cleaning process.

Fan Jets

Fan jets are water pipes used for high-pressure water flow. Hydrophobic glasses use these types of water pipes. The lenses need another unique tool to help in cleaning these types of glasses.

The water used in cleaning the windows is not only filtered but also de-ionized. The water lacking ions will react to the stable molecules present in the windows and will wipe them off quickly.

Window Cleaning: Access To The Higher Buildings

There are a lot of ways one reaches to the top floor windows of the tall buildings. There are various equipment and tools to reach the top of the building. These tools are:


One of the most excellent tools is the ladder. A ladder helps the cleaner to get up to the top.

Supported Scaffolding:

One of the easiest ways to go to the, without much hesitation is using the scaffolding. It does not hang and has a surface to provide support to the cleaner.

  Cradle Or Suspended Platform:

Suspended platforms are much more fun than many other platforms. The buildings might be much high, yet they choose the difficult way to earn money.

One needs to know the proper working of the supported scaffold as well as the suspended platform. However, a cradle is much riskier than any other method of rising. As the platform is delayed or hangs from the top of the building, there are chances of accidents. One must take proper care of themselves.

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