Ways To Clean Oil Paint Brushes, WoW Strokes Are On Its Way!

cleaning oil paint brushes

Do you know the art of cleaning oil paint brushes? It’s no surprise that every painter is deeply attached to his or her brushes. And to keep their brushes with the utmost care, they want to use the best of the best things to keep them clean.

Thus, to keep all the bristles perfect of your brush, it’s essential to get even a tiny paint mark out of them. For keeping your brushes safe for a longer time, here are some ways to keep them clean.

1. Baby Oil Usage

Cleaning Oil Paint Brushes
Cleaning Oil Paint Brushes

Start oiling your paintbrushes with the baby oil. Further, spread this oil all over the brush. Such oiling will help in erasing the paint from the hairs of the brush. Do not forget that every bristle should touch the baby oil, and hence, you’ll see paint will come off quickly.

By taking the fine soft cloth, wipe out the extra paint and oil from the brush’s hairs.

Possibly, for better results, repeat the process. It’s one of the ideal options to clean brushes, and also it’s comparatively cheap.

2. Dish Oil

Another way of removing the paint is the usage of dish oil. After applying baby oil, most of the paint vanishes. Next, soak the brushes in a water-filled with dish soap.

Make sure you use a small dish soap amount as the excess of it may damage your brushes. So, you can remove the rest of the paint after dish soap cleaning. Finally, let your brushes dry.

3. Linseed Oil

Linseed oil is another fantastic alternative for cleaning oil paint brushes of yours. In this method, it’s a safer option alternative that works best for oil paint thinners. 

When you have to remove excess paint, you should give your brushes a little wipe down.

4. Other Oils

Cleaning Oil Paint Brushes
Cleaning Oil Paint Brushes

You can even dip brushes’ tip in a gradually-drying oil-like “Winsor and Safflower Oil,” or poppyseed oil. Thus, these are some slow-drying oil more used for removing paint from brushes than the linseed oil. Next, put the brushes on the drying rack.

Ensure that it is a cleaning process that is only relevant if you are going to use your brush in the next few days again after a painting session.

However, if you are not going to use these brushes for painting within a few days or so, you must go with a thorough cleaning. It is so because the presence of oil on your brushes will dry out eventually and make your bristles harder. 

For Cleaning, One Will Need:

Oil Clean Paint Brushes
Oil Clean Paint Brushes
  • Paint Thinner
  • Newspaper/Paper Towels
  • Soap
  • Old Mugs or Cups
  • Cleaner Of Oil Paint Brush
  • Gloves, but they are optional.

Avoid Using:

  • Wire Paint Combs
  • Paint strippers
  • Detergent

So, see the steps to clean your brush after oil painting session:

  • Paint Thinner: For removing excess oil from brushes, put them in a cup filled with paint thinner of your choice. Further, rinse the brushes in the solution. Now, gently clean or wipe down your brushes with the help of newspaper or paper towels. (paper towels are recommended)
  • Warm Water: After you wide down brushes, rinse them in warm water and then repeat the process if the oil is still there on the brushes.
    • Now, work on removing the remaining oil paint. (as it resides between the bristles)
  • Soap Bar: Next, rinse your brushes in paint thinner again. Further, put your brushes and put a hand soap or your favorite soap bar. It will help in creating lather, helping in the deep cleaning of bristles.
    • Remember, your brushes are on the soap bar, and do not push bristles into your soap bar as it may damage your brushes.
    • Further, give a thorough wash to your brushes in warm water and repeat the process.
  • Oil Paint Brush Cleaner: Moreover, you may need an oil paint brush cleaner if there are strong colors such as phthalo blue or burnt umber. Hence, an oil brush cleaner will easily break down such oil paints.
  • Dry Them: Put your brushes to rest on a brush holder. And remember, the cleaning products you are using are toxic. Hence we’ll recommend you to use gloves and keep them out of children’s reach.

Taking everything into consideration, taking the help of these cleaning oil paint brushes, you can create magic on your canvas next time you take those beautiful brushes in hand!

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