Toilet Cleaner: Buying Guide

Toilet Cleaner: A Complete Buying Guide

We know that the toilet is the region of our house, having the maximum number of germs. Hence, it’s cleaning is one of the essential tasks. You should need different types of equipment to clean a toilet. It includes the right toilet cleaner, brushes, and some other things. Buying the right toilet cleaner is essential for the complete cleaning of your toilet and bathrooms. Many persons don’t know which type of cleaner they need to buy. In the below sections, we describe all the essential things that you should consider before buying a cleanser for your toilet.

Toilet Cleaner: A Complete Buying Guide
Toilet Cleaner: A Complete Buying Guide

Different Types Of Toilet Cleaner Available

These cleaners come in various forms. You can buy them from your local store. Another way to buy them is via the online method. The different types of toilet cleaners that are readily available in the market are as follows:

Liquids And Gels Toilet Cleaner

They are the most common toilet cleaners which can be accessed easily. It can deep clean your toilets. You need to spray it at the different regions of your toilets, including bowls. Then allow it to sit for some time. Then clean it using a brush or scrubber. Rinse the water after the scrubbing.

Toilet Wands

These cleaners consist of a scrubbing pax which is attached to the end of the bottle. Hence, they can clean those regions of your toilets where you have no reach of your hands.

In-Tank Toilet Cleaner

These types of cleaners mostly come in the form of tablets. When you flush these tablets, they release some cleaning agents. They can make your toilet shine. Their main advantage is that you don’t need excessive scrubbing while using these types of cleaner.

Bowl Cleaners

These are specially designed for the cleaning of your toilets bowls. They work similarly to in-tank cleaners when you flush them. These cleaners can also remove the germs from the seats and saves your time for the scrubbing.

Consider These Factors To Select Toilet Cleaner

Some of you might think that it is straightforward to select the best cleaner for your toilet. However, you must consider these factors to choose a perfect cleaner according to your requirements.

Toilet Cleaner: A Complete Buying Guide
Toilet Cleaner: A Complete Buying Guide

Ease Of Use

You must read the instructions mentioned on the label of the cleaner. The liquids and gel cleaners require some time after spraying. However, there are some products that you can use straight forward.


You must check on the label that the product you are using will kill the germs or not. Choosing a disinfectant cleaner will make the toilet clean and kill the bacteria. However, there are some products that are specially designed for the removing of stains. Therefore, you must select it accordingly.


Many different cleaning products have different types of fragrances. You must select the product having some natural fragrance which can be bearable.

Environmental Friendly

Check all the chemicals used in the cleaner. Try to use the products that will not harm the environment in any way.

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