Tips To Cleaning Oil Off Concrete

cleaning oil off concrete

Knowing ways to clean oil stains off concrete wasn’t something everyone knows. If you have a concrete drive and a car, spilling oil is usual. Let’s learn some DIY hacks to remove oil off your concrete using cola, baking soda, and even cat litter. If the oil isn’t removed, it will start resurfacing and staining your concrete that ruins your new decorative treatment. Avoid this problem by using these methods for cleaning oil stains off the concrete.

Some oil stains might be just small spots or spills, while other surfaces might be contaminated heavily. The age and size of the oil stain will determine how difficult it is going to be to remove the stain. Cleaning oil off concrete might take some trial and error to find out the best solution for your situation.

Best Ways To Cleaning Oil Off Concrete

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Soak The Stain

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For the fresh oil stains, start by soaking up oil as much as possible with paper towels. Lay the towels over the fresh spill and let the oil soak for a few seconds. Pick up the towels and discard them. Don’t rub the oil out because it’s going to spread it around and make it stain much deeper.

Apply Soap And Scrub

Apply the full-strength concentrated soap directly on to the stain. Then, take a stiff heavy-duty nylon brush with a handle and scrub the stain vigorously.

Rinse The Stain

Rinse the stained area using a hose nozzle with a strong stream. Repeat this method one or two times, and the chances are the stain might be gone. The oil is completely gone when the rinse water no longer forms rainbows on the concrete surface.

Alternative Methods To Cleaning Oil Off Concrete

Do you have a cat at your home? You are in for some luck as cat litter might help you in cleaning oil off the concrete. Pour some absorptive cat litter on the stained area, then use something like a brick that is similar to concrete and grind down the litter granules. Before you clean it away, let the litter sit on for at least an hour. For heavy stains, after crushing, let the cat litter sit overnight.

Apply a poultice like phosphate-free TSP that breaks down the oil and sucks it off the concrete.

Mix paint thinner and sawdust until it gets damp. Spread the soaked sawdust on the stain and let it soak for 20 minutes into the stain. Clean up the sawdust and repeat the process if necessary. This method can be a good first step for cleaning oil off concrete for heavy stains. Follow it up by cleaning the stain with concentrated detergent.

A biodegradable microbial oil such as EATOILS BT200 can also be used in cleaning oil off the concrete, and it uses microorganisms to eat the oil away. After the oil is dissolved by the solution, clean the area with soap and water.


Once you figure out ways for cleaning oil off the concrete, oil stains removal can get effective and easy. You can clean oil and grease stains from any type of surface without any damage or discoloration with these methods.

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