Tips For Simple Wood Cleaning And Restoration Jobs

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Wood cleaning flooring is one of the few areas that you don’t have to buy new floor cleaners. You can just use some basic household cleaners that are available from your home supply store. There are a few things that you will need to consider before you buy your next floor cleaner though.

An Overview

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One of the first considerations is whether or not you will be using the cleaner on wood floors alone or if you will be adding water to the cleaner and then working it into the stain. In order for wood cleaning products to work they need to attack the dirt or grime deep within the surface of the floor. If you are doing the cleaner on your own wood floors then make sure that you use only a small amount and allow it time to penetrate. Using too much can damage your floor.

Another issue that you will encounter with using wood household cleaners is that they often contain chemicals that can leave your floors looking unattractive or worse. Make sure you read the label on the product very carefully and don’t use anything with chemicals in it that you are not sure about. If you are going to use commercial products, you will want to make sure that they are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Top Wood Cleaners

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Some of the best wood cleaners on the market today are from European companies, who have the resources to create wood cleaners that have been specifically designed for the type of flooring that you have. Using this kind of cleaner won’t strip the finish off your wooden flooring, but it will lift the dirt that is sitting beneath it. To get the most out of your cleaning wood products, you will also want to make sure that you are using warm soapy water, and make sure that you rinse the area with fresh warm water.

The ingredients that many of these cleaners contain are similar to the soap you use for washing your car. These cleaners will work well on any wood surfaces, including your wooden furniture. However, the ingredients are designed to clean better on wooden furniture than on all other types of surface. Some of the better wood cleaning products will work better on certain types of wood, and if you have some problem areas you may need to use a different cleaner than you are used to. Do not use regular soap when you are cleaning wooden furniture.

Top Cleaning Products

Some of the best wood cleaning products are found in the spray bottle form. These spray bottles are easy to use and will leave your floors looking like new. You simply spray the liquid onto the flooring and work it into the fibers of the wood. Make sure to apply a light coat of finish to protect your flooring if you plan to use this product. You can use the damp cloth in order to clean and then rinse off the dirt with a dry cloth. After you have finished applying the product to your floors, it is time to let them sit.

The best way to clean bare wood is to use the vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you get all of the product off of the wood. The product left on the wood will actually lift the dirt above the surface, where you can vacuum it up. If you want to remove deeper stains you can also use the rotary brush attachment for deeper areas.


For this next step you will want to take a new log or cut a fresh log that is the same size as your old log. Use the garden sprayer attachment on the vacuum cleaner to spray the cleaner onto your new log or cut log. You do not need to allow the water to dry on the bare wood surfaces before you begin sanding. The water will actually cause your finish to fade over time, so it is not recommended to leave the water sitting on your bare wood surfaces until you have already begun the sanding process.

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