Cleaning Bathroom Tiles And Floor Tile

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles Effectively

Tips for Cleaning Bathroom Tiles and Floor Tiles are a preferred option for flooring in the bathroom these days. But there are a lot of myths surrounding the use of tiles, one of the prominent ones being their cleaning. It gets usually considered that the cleaning of bathroom tiles is a tedious task, and hence people shy away from using tiles in their bathrooms.

This is just a myth. Here, we will discuss how easy it is to remove stains and keep your bathroom tiles shining always. Some of the methods are listed below:

To prolong the life of your shower, you should squeegee after every use. If you want to go the extra mile, you can dry with a towel after use as well. Necessarily, if you keep your shower clean, you shouldn’t need to do any special cleaning. If you notice that your cementitious grout isn’t repelling water, you should seal it. This will help maintain color uniformity (water on unsealed grout will leach pigment over time.) Sealing will also prevent the breakdown of grout and mold/mildew growth. Otherwise, as Matt said, mild cleaners and elbow grease.

Tips for Cleaning Bathroom Tiles To Take Care Of

For a bathroom to look good and be hygienic, it is essential to have clean tiles and grout. It’s relatively straightforward to clean bathroom ceramics. However, there is a heap of separate products available such as that of HEPA backpack vacuum and a multitude of do-it-yourself approaches, and it often becomes baffling.

There are several options for cleaning bathroom tiles. Some are valuable; other ones do not work so satisfactorily. One method is cleaning with a specially formulated cleaner offered in supermarkets.

Their products are designed purely for cleaning tile and usually perform well. When employing a commercial product for cleaning bathroom tile, keep to the manufacturer’s instructions for your protection and to avoid harming your tile or grout.

Another method is using a cloth or sponge in combination with lukewarm soapy water. You’ll find this useful for frequent cleaning, but it probably won’t be very effective at lifting soap or scum stains that have been building up for a few weeks.

If you decide to employ this method, you must remember to rinse the area with fresh water when you have finished, since dried soap will build up over time, creating a lot of soap scum.

An environmentally friendly option for cleaning bathroom tile is using oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach is a reliable tile cleaner and will not eat at the enamel. It is superior to chlorine bleach since it decomposes into oxygen and water, both posing no threat to the environment.

Tips for Cleaning Bathroom Tiles And Floor Tile Of Your Home-
Tips for Cleaning Bathroom Tiles And Floor Tile Of Your Home-

Some Items Which Can Help You Out With Cleaning Option-

1. Vinegar:

Vinegar is a convenient cleanser as it is readily available in the market. It is beneficial in cleaning any stains from your bathroom tiles. For best use, it can get mixed with liquid dish detergent and warm water, and then the mixture should be used for cleaning.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is beneficial in removing the toughest of stains from the tiles. It should get used with liquid dish wash for best results.

3. Chlorine

The use of chlorine is another recommended tip for cleaning your bathroom tiles. Chlorine is readily available and gets considered to be one of the best bleaching agents. The use of this product has many_advantages. Not just does this product remove stains and harmful substances from your tile, they also kill microorganisms ensuring the cleanliness of your bathroom.

4. Cooking Oil

The easiest and quickest of all is using the cooking oil available at home to remove stains. Just use a couple of drops of the cooking oil and a soft cloth on the stain and wipe it to remove the stain. 

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