Thieves Cleaning Oil Game Review

Thieves Cleaning Oil

Thieves Cleaning Oil is a relatively simple game that provides a nice amount of excitement while at the same time retaining a fairly light touch. The game has a rather unique plot, that of a city that’s been taken over by thieves. When you’re first introduced to this part of the game, it can be somewhat difficult to follow along with the storyline, but in time, the narrative becomes a bit more understandable.

The game is played in the role of a man named James. James was one of the last people on Earth who has seen the city of New Orleans come back to life. He has been asked to do a job for a group of thieves, which means that he’ll be on the look out for items and people. As James walks around New Orleans, he will find different items, collectibles and people that the group needs to pay for.

Game Features

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Throughout the game, the main character must try and stop the group from stealing the item they need. This can sometimes prove to be difficult, since the group will often move from place to hide their tracks. Sometimes though, James will find that the group isn’t actually planning to steal an item, but rather steal it for their own personal gain. At these times, there is usually a bit of back and forth action between James and his enemies.

The game isn’t particularly long, so it’s fairly easy to pick it up and begin playing. As you might expect from a “cleaning” game, there are plenty of objects to clear away, and this includes oil. The oil is collected and used to power a variety of machinery in the game. These machines include cars and trucks, as well as boats. In addition, the game features several shops where you can purchase items and weapons.

Who Can Play

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As with most games, the controls are fairly simple and don’t require a great deal of skill in order to play well. Most of the time, you just have to move your character around in order to move their various objects around, so a degree of coordination between both you and the characters is required. Since the game requires you to move about the city as you complete your objectives, it also means that you’ll be moving a lot during the course of play.

Overall, Thieves Cleaning Oil is a fairly enjoyable game. It’s entertaining and has a good storyline, but the actual gameplay isn’t all that challenging. While there are times when James will have to use his wits, overall, the overall game does not require a lot of thinking.

In a lot of respects, thieves Cleaning Oil is a bit of a remake of Super Mario Brothers. In fact, if you want a game that can teach you some important skills in terms of navigation, Mario Brothers might be a better choice than this one. While this game doesn’t provide much in the way of challenging situations or puzzles, it does teach you how to maneuver around the various areas of the city.

How To Play

If you’re looking for a quick game to play before bedtime, then this might be a good one for you. Cleaning Oil is a bit on the easy side and doesn’t take very long to play through. It’s also worth mentioning that the controls are relatively simple, so it should be a lot of fun to play with for any age.

Even if you are someone who has little experience with games, then you should be able to pick up and play Thieves Cleaning Oil fairly easily. The graphics are quite good and are generally fairly well done. This is a game that really show off the best of the Nintendo Wii, and it’s a good example of what you can expect to see in future Nintendo releases.

One final note to say about this game is that if you have children, you may want to make sure that they are kept away from the game while it’s on. Kids aren’t really very fond of this game, which is why parents should always stay on top of where their children spend their time.


Thieves Cleaning Oil is a nice game for those times when you just want to get away from it all and have a relaxing evening. It’s a bit of a simple game and does not have too many complex mechanics, which is why it’s a good fit for younger players. If you want to have a few hours of pure entertainment, this is definitely something that you should give a try. While the storyline is pretty simple, the actual gameplay is quite enjoyable.

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