The Essential Window Cleaner So You Can Keep Your Window Glass Streak-Free! Don’t Miss It Out!

Whenever we enter a house, the first thing that strikes our mind is the house’s cleanliness! We will try to build the personality of the person and rate it based on their house. Notably, we are not talking about others only but ourselves also. If we live in a house, we have to clean it properly and maintain proper decorum. What are the possible things that we can do to keep your home clean and clear? We can start with cleaning all the windows and Mirrors by using the multi-function Window Cleaner and letting the Mirrors and Windows twinkle and Shine. There are many benefits of using a multi-function Window Cleaner because it will help clean the windows and remove all dust and prevent sunlight from penetrating through them. Cleaning your windows will not only make a big difference in your home but in your personality also.  

Grab your multi-function Window Cleaner by clicking on the blue text and starting with cleaning your house efficiently. 

Clean Your Windows With This Multi-Function Window Cleaner 


  • Brand Name – GUANYAO
  • Type – Glass cleaning spray 
  • Style – Hand
  • Model Number – PS-01
  • Usage – Window
  • Material – Plastic
  • Feature – Eco-Friendly
  • WEIGHT – 660G
  • ZK – 30
  • Total Height-114.6 cm
  • Mop Head- 26.3 cm * 6.7 cm (total of 3 pcs)
  • Holder Material – thick aluminum rod 
  • Wiper Material – soft 
  • Package available – 1 mop with one cloth, one mop with three clothes 


  • You can remove dirt from windows and clean them at the same time. 
  • It comes with a built-in spray bottle, and you don’t have to waste extra water. 
  • They are widely used for kitchen bathroom cleaning, car cleaning & maintenance, exterior wall tile cleaning, and screen window strain scraping. 
  • No risks of the product getting rust, and you can adjust the handle according to your need. 
  • It comes with a handgrip that makes it easy to hold, and the long-term grip is not tiring. 
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  • For those who have always done the cleaning manually, the price can seem a bit high to you. 
  • No color is available. 
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Now that you have read all the product’s specifications, pros, and cons, you can decide its use and buy it accordingly. You can even gift a multi-function window cleanser to one of your friends as an appreciation gift. Make your work easier by using the latest inventions and investing the rest time in doing something productive. 

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