Steps To Cleaning Up My Room Using A Checklist

cleaning up my room

Cleaning up your room brings other advantages other than the obvious. An unclean room can cause anxiousness, anxiety, and even stress. Your quality of sleep is also not guaranteed with a messy room. This is why you should dedicate some of your time to cleaning your room.

A clean and organized room gives you peace of mind. You are able to relax, and enjoy quality sleep time. Just an hour dedicated to cleaning up your room can work wonders. So, if you feel worried about cleaning up your room, using a checklist can make your work that much easier.

A checklist helps you divide the chore into simpler and efficient tasks, covering all parts of your room, including bedroom bases and floor. You’re ultimately able to finish cleaning your room much quicker and efficient. Then, you can spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning. We discuss steps to cleaning up my room using a checklist.

Take Out The Thrash

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The first step, using the checklist, is to take out the thrash. This way, you’re able to firstly dispose of the daily mess. Since small trash builds up quickly, you should get a wastebasket if you don’t have one already. Pick up any trash that litters the room, dump it in the wastebasket, then dispose of the waste.

Place Dirty Clothes In Your Hamper

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If you have dirty clothes littering the floor, pick them up and place them in the hamper. Place the hamper in your closet if it fits. You should also get a bin that won’t necessarily be in your closet. This bin serves the rushed mornings when you can’t afford to open your closet to get the hamper.

Pack Up Clean Clothes

If you have clean clothes lying around, take your time to carefully fold and pack them up. Then put them away in dresser drawers. If done efficiently, you’ll find that you only need a few minutes. Remember to arrange the clothings in a way that’ll make it easier for you to go through them or choose clothings anytime.

After this, you should strip your bed of sheets. Remove the comforter, pillowcases, even the duvet cover, and wash them all. You should then clean out the surface clutters. Clean all the small objects that have been dropped on the nightstands, dressers, and desks. Wipe your room surfaces clean before dusting your curtains, light fixtures, windows and mirrors. You should then vacuum or sweep the room, and lastly remake your bed.


Cleaning out your room can prove difficult sometimes. But you have to do the cleaning for the benefits it brings. You should therefore use a checklist to make the cleaning easier, faster, and efficient. We discuss steps to cleaning up my room using a checklist.

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