Step By Step Guide To Room Cleaning Procedure

room cleaning procedure

Having clean and refreshing rooms keeps the mood happy and calm. Well-spaced rooms with beautiful interiors are impressive and give the idea of standards of living to others. Cleaning a room sometimes becomes a tough task, but one must clean his or her room regularly. This is not only important for a better living but also a safe environment. With the room cleaning procedure, your work hour cuts down and becomes easy.

Incredible Room Cleaning Procedure With Tips

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Strip The Beds

Beds are the main cause of attraction in the rooms. One must start the room cleaning procedure by stripping the sheets. Strip the bed with light color bed sheets during summers and dark color one during winters. Bed Sheets that go with your interiors make the room look more stylish and convenient. Then you can pack all the other unwanted items together in the dirty bedsheet. Look for the stains and clean the backside and sides of your bed with surface cleaners. Also, check if mattresses are clean and smooth. 

Make More Space In Your Room

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After bed stripping, making more space by removing unwanted stuff and dirty linen is the next step of the room cleaning procedure. Clean and less stuffed rooms look big and give a kind of comfort. Put the small things that are not used regularly in drawers. 


Due to the blowing winds and open windows, rooms frequently get dirty with dust. Do dust all the furniture, windows, lamps, photo frames, hanging artworks, etc. Then wipe them down with surface cleaner. Don’t use harsh chemical-rich cleaners as they may cause damage to the furniture. Also, use clean and separate clothes to clean different rooms.


Vacuum your room after dusting. While vacuuming doesn’t forget to check the stains of makeup and spots of food on the carpets. Vacuum properly under the bed, table, behind the cupboards, etc. Change the curtains and tablecloths, if any. 


Sanitization is the most important step in a room cleaning procedure. Bacterias and viruses on the surfaces we touch can lead to infections and diseases. So it is important to disinfect all the surfaces and items like light switches, handles of the doors, remote controls, mobile phones, and telephones, etc.

Clean Bathroom And Toilet

Bathrooms and toilet sinks are the living areas for cockroaches and insects, so they should be cleaned properly and sprayed. Clean and disinfect the bathroom handles properly. Wipe the mirrors with cleaners and change the hand towel. 

Final Check

At last, check all the pillows, add room fresheners, and set the room’s temperature. Put fresh flowers in the flower pot and enhance the beauty of the room.


Room cleaning is a tedious task, but it becomes easy when done systematically. The above-given room cleaning procedure will help you easily clean your room. 

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