Spring Cleaning Tips – How to Efficiently Do It

spring cleaning tips

When it comes time for your next Spring Cleaning, you will be faced with many Spring Cleaning tips. Some of these will work well, others won’t. What I offer you today is a few basic tips that have worked well for me. Here are Top 5 tips to help make your next Spring Cleaning even easier:

First, do not use typical window cleaner. Use a microfiber squeegee with a mild mixture of water and vinegar to clean windows. Always clean in circular motions. Never wipe from the bottom up. This just keeps everything that you’ve already cleaned from getting so dirty again.

An Overview

Second, use a printable room-by-room spring cleaning checklist. If you can’t get to your Cabinets or Home Office in time, a printable room-by-room checklist is a great alternative. A printable room-by-room checklist will give you an exact number of tasks you need to accomplish in each area of your home. It also has checklists for every room in the house. If you find yourself with extra time, print additional checklists for the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom.

Third, consider using professional cleaners. There are many pros who can provide a quality cleaning service for a reasonable price. However, before you run out and hire someone, consider these three top five spring cleaning tips: Budget wisely. Many pros charge more than is affordable for the average home owner. Also, budgeting in advance will help you realistically manage the cost.

Spring Cleaning Tips

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Fourth, buy a few quality cleaning supplies and tools. You’ll need a power washer, a shop vac, a mop, a bucket and a broom. These supplies can be purchased at a local hardware store or on the Internet. Use your online search engine to find a reputable pro to do the spring cleaning for you.

Fifth, use your refrigerator. When spring cleaning time rolls around, don’t forget to stock up on your favorite cleaning products and tools. Refrigerators are notorious for holding left over food and drinks that you don’t use right away. Instead of throwing those items in the fridge, scan the freezer door and pull out any items that are left over but not yet used. This will help cut down on clutter in your fridge, which makes the space look cleaner and more organized.

Sixth, keep your cleaning products and cleaning supplies within arm’s reach. Store your detergent and cleaner bottles in a straight line with their spout facing down. It’s better to have the cleaner within reach than it is to reach for it and accidentally spill it. Spills not only take time to fix, they also leave nasty messes that are impossible to sweep up.

Seventh, use a few sheets of paper towels when cleaning the fridge. The kitchen can get really hot during the summer months. Not only does it heat up the cabinetry and the appliances, but it also warms up your hands and the cloths you use. While many people think that paper towels are meant to dry off dirty things, using these sheets during the spring cleaning season could actually heat up the room because of the heat. You can also use a few cups of hot water and a scrub brush to wipe down all of the cabinetry and appliances.

Bottom Line

Spring cleaning can be very tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a few minutes to read up on some ideas for keeping your home looking nice. Then you can go about cleaning as you normally do and save yourself some time. Once you’re through, you’ll be so glad you decided to take advantage of these spring cleaning tips.

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