Sofa Cleaning Tips And Tricks -

Sofa Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Sofa Cleaning Tips And Tricks

We all know that the sofa is one of the essential furniture in homes today. They will give a decorative look to your homes. Many people love to eat snacks sitting on the sofa. Hence, they get dirty over a period of time. Sitting on a stained couch vanish all the fun and enjoyment. Do not panic as they can be effortless to clean. We are giving you the tips and tricks that can be very helpful in sofa cleaning.

Sofa Cleaning Tips And Tricks
Sofa Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Start With The Vacuum

Firstly, you need to remove the dust from the surfaces of cushions. Clean all the large particles with the help of vacuum cleaner. Clean the crevices using the long and narrow attachment of the vacuum. You must be able to find coins, pens, pet hair, and many other things at the crevices. Then, remove the cushions and then clean the base. Ideally, you have to use soft brush attachment of the vacuum so that it will not provide any harm to the base.

Clean Non-Fabric Parts

Now, clean the feet of the sofa and the other non-fabric parts. You should wipe them with soap and warm water solution.

Care Tags Plays A Major Role In Sofa Cleaning

You must check the manufacturer’s instruction before using any detergents. Doing it wrong can ruin your couch as well as void the warranties. If you can’t find the instructions, the tags mentioned on your sofa can help you. A sofa can have more than one tag. The one may represent the cushions, and the other one tells you about the sofa cover. Find the correct label before starting any stain cleaning. Mostly, you will find four tags on your sofa. They are:

X- This tag represents that you cannot use any other thing regarding vacuum.

S- You cannot use water. All you need to do is to purchase a special cleaner for its cleaning.

WS- It means that you can either use water or special solvent cleaner to clean the couch.

W- Here, you can use water to clean the stains.

Sofa Cleaning Tips And Tricks
Sofa Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Cleaning Tips For A Fabric Sofa

Some couches have removable covers. It gives you better options for deep cleaning. But make sure to read the instructions and tags mentioned on the sofa. You can use water to clean if your sofa is marked with W or WS tag. If you are cleaning the couch for the first time, you can perform cleaning on the small part. After the cleaning, let everything dry. After that, you can again put them on your couch.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Tips

You can not apply the same techniques to clean the leather sofa as you can perform in fabric sofa. The leather couch can be damaged by using much water and detergent. There are some specialized products that you can use to clean them. The products that you can use are saddle soap or wax leather cleaners. Assure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction. You can test the cleaning in a tiny part of your couch.

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