Seven Cleaning Checklist Items For Your Living Room

living room cleaning checklist

Use this free printable quarterly living room cleaning checklist for your gathering place to be spotless without unnecessary time wasted. This is a printable quarterly living room cleaning checklist, perfect for those of you that have made a New Year’s resolution to have the house clean and neat. A clean and well-organized home can promote a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. Your home will be one of the first places visitors visit, and a well-kept home looks inviting. Here are the three main checklists to help keep you on schedule.

Living Room Cleaning Checklist

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The first living room cleaning checklist is to make sure you wipe down all surfaces every day. Use a soft, damp cloth to remove all dust and finger marks. Every week, clear your desk of any paperwork or unused items. Make sure to vacuum and wipe down chairs, tables, and other surfaces. Vacuuming is especially important if you have children.

The second item on the living room cleaning checklist is to keep up with the drapes and blinds. Dust and cobwebs can weigh down the fabric of your windows and doors, and it is important to periodically vacuum and scrub them clean. If you do not have window treatments, then consider purchasing a few to spruce up the windows. Blinds should be washed regularly to avoid mold and mildew. Hangers should also be replaced periodically, especially if they are not properly cared for.

The third item on the list of the living room cleaning checklist is to keep the floors clean. Floors that are stained or have dirt in them will never look great. Take time to vacuum and sweep the floors daily. You can purchase special mats for easy clean-up or use store-bought solutions to wipe the floors thoroughly and keep them looking spotless.

Important Aspects

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The fourth item on the living-room house cleaning checklist is to maintain the surfaces inside and out. Use a house cleaner that contains mild detergents, liquid soaps, or cleansers that are specifically for the surfaces inside your home. Also, make sure to schedule an occasional vacuum to remove dirt and dust from every nook and cranny of your house.

The fifth item on the list of the living room cleaning checklist is to clean all doorknobs and kitchen windows. These are the places where you will see food being cooked all day, every day! If food gets into these areas, it can easily be ingested, and there may be no way of removing it once it is ingested. Use disinfectant wipes or disinfect the glass surface, and thoroughly clean the window or door knob every time you plan to use the glass surface to do any type of cleaning.

The sixth item on the living room cleaning checklist is to vacuum the blinds and shades in your home on a regular basis. This will prevent you from getting dust and dirt into your vents, causing problems to your heater and air conditioner. Regular vacuuming will also remove dander and fur from carpets, which can leave some people with an itchy nose and allergies. Dust can be tracked into other rooms through the particles that are picked up in the vacuuming action. Use a vacuum attachment with a HEPA filter if possible to pick up the larger particles.

Bottom Line

The seventh item on your home cleaning checklist is to store your dust rag or mop in a place where it cannot get in the way. Do not leave your dust rag or mop sitting in a drawer for months. Instead, set it aside for use when needed. You can also set aside smaller plastic trash bags to use for dusting items that you cannot get into your cleaner. This will also save you the trouble of rolling the trash bags around the house. If you have an attached garage, store your tools in a garage drawer instead of a mudroom dirty with tools.

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