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It’s a driven garden or agricultural tool used to get rid of weeds, small trees, and other plants that a grass trimmer or rotary mower can’t reach. For particular applications, the unit can be fitted with a range of blades or trimmer heads. The shell is made of high-quality metal pressure casting that is both solid and long-lasting. Changeable and simple to mount. Vibration is minimal, wears well, and is long-lasting. With four lines, it’ll work with almost every grass trimmer: universal application, ideal for both the home and the factory.

Steel Wire Wheel Brush Grass Trimmer Head

The wire brush is made primarily of steel wire, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. With kink lines, it provides smooth performance and versatility. The internal fixed plate arrangement ensures consistency and protection. The wire brush is primarily used for deburring, dust removal, oxide layer removal, polishing, and polishing accessories, and it can improve metal stone coating consistency. Derusts, deburrs, and eliminates oxide coating on bench grinder steel plate and the outer and inner walls of steel tubing. Get steel wire wheel brush today!

Specifications include:

Material: steel wire

Color: silver

Size: about 20x20x5.7cm or 15x15x5.7cm

Drilling diameter: about 25mm

2 Size for Choose: 6inch ( 15cm Diameter), 8 inch ( 20cm Diameter)

2 Size for Choose: 6inch ( 15cm Diameter), 8 inch ( 20cm Diameter)

Package Included: 1 x weed brush.




One of the advantages of a brush cutter is learning the cutting techniques required to prevent injury or machine harm. You can’t just hack into vegetation from any direction with a Grass Trimmer Head because it has a particular cutting area. Since the blades rotate counterclockwise, you must cut from right to left.

Versatility and Sturdiness

Different blade attachments on the grass trimmer head allow you to cut a variety of materials. As long as they’re properly maintained, they’re usually durable and dependable devices. On the other hand, the blade life is decided by what you’re cutting and how much you’re cutting it. If you constantly work in rugged areas or cut through tough stems or branches, you can need to adjust or sharpen the blade regularly.

Convenience and Strength

Grass Trimmer Heads are powerful enough to hack through the overgrown brush that a grass trimmer or line trimmer can’t. They can even cut in difficult-to-reach places that larger machines can’t.



Concerns about safety

Grass Trimmer Heads are effective and efficient devices, but they also pose a danger if appropriate safety procedures are not followed. Never use a brush cutter without a belt, and never use a brush cutter without a handlebar, because the handlebar is needed to operate the tool, and if you don’t have one, you risk losing control. Always use eye protection when using a brush cutter because it can throw debris at you.


We are a reputable business that offers high-quality Steel Wire Wheel Brush Grass Trimmer Head. Trimmer’s heads are available in a variety of styles for our customers to choose from. The item has a sterile look, is extremely robust, and has a long lifespan. This item has a lovely appearance and can be used for several different items. It can be used to sweep your lawn or backyard in many ways. We provide a range of textures for this product and ensure that it is shipped on time.

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