Princess Cleaning Game – Makes Your Princesses Day Perfect With This Fun Game

princess cleaning room

The perfect princess room decorating game for little girls is finally here! Princess Cleaning Room a free adult-sized room game where you assist the princess in cleaning up her castle before she goes on shopping with her new prince. In this fun, princess themed, board game, kids get to keep all of the princess’ belongings while helping the charming princess complete her tasks throughout the game. This interactive board game is available for girls ages three and up and provides an engaging, safe physical activity as well as good hand-eye coordination.

Successfully Complete All Of The Tasks

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During each step of the game, the princess moves closer to fulfilling her task. The object of the game is for her to successfully complete all of the tasks on her way to becoming a queen. Completing tasks quickly will earn points that can be spent on upgrading the princess’s wardrobe or other items.

To begin, set the scene with the standard princess room decor. You may wish to place a large picture window in the background so that the players can see their miniature heroes. The objective of the game is also to make sure that the princess doesn’t get too dirty during her travels. In order to help facilitate the task of the game, provide the characters with appropriate cleaning tools and materials.

Assemble The Following Items

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For the first stage of the game, assemble the following items: the princess’s carriage, a rolling suitcase, a dustpan, a broom, and a curling iron. Have the girls divide the room into two sections. One section is suitable for the princess’ room decorating; the other section should be kept for the actual cleaning activity. Make sure that the children understand the difference between rooms and areas. Give each child a bucket to use during the actual activity. Provide adult supervision for younger children.

Create A Game Board

Once you have the basic room decorating down, create a game board with figures and scenery that will represent the princesses. Have each player choose a princess whose color matches the tile she lands on. For younger children, have them pick the favorite princess from a group of three to five that they deem most beautiful. You might consider having the children complete activities to earn stars, which will accumulate over time. This will result in more stars the next time the game is played.

During the princess cleaning session, use the same cleaning tools and materials as you would for the princess room decorating games. The only difference is that the items need to be washed instead of just thrown away. Use lukewarm water and mild soap to wash the tiles and apply a damp sponge to clean the figurines. Afterward, rinse the entire surface with clean water.

Bottom Line

Your child’s princess room will never be complete without the signature purple coat that Princess Bubblegum wears. The coat comes in a number of sizes, colors, and styles to fit any young girl’s unique tastes. She can even accessorize with matching jewelry and shoes in her princess costume. As she grows older, you’ll be able to introduce more elaborate game systems to enhance the experience. In no time, you’ll be spending lots of quality time with your daughter as you encourage her princesses to explore, grow and learn while enjoying an afternoon of pretend.

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