Oil Furnace Prices Varies Depending on the Location of the Home

oil furnace cleaning

If you have an oil furnace in your home then you might consider doing a bit of oil furnace cleaning. This is a good idea for any home that has an oil furnace and also is quite safe. The cleaning is not as hard as it sounds. It’s easy and cheap and most people can do it on their own.

Combustion Chamber

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There are two areas to inspect during oil furnace cleaning that need attention during the maintenance. The first is the combustion chamber where the air and combustion occur. This is the main part of the flue where the air is burned off. The second area that needs attention during maintenance is the vent.

During the cleaning process there are a few things to remember. First, when using a hair dryer to dry the inside of the furnace properly make sure there are no hair pieces or drapes in the air duct as this could cause problems. Hair pieces and drapes can be caught in the flue and cause a problem with the heating element because it will not catch the hair and blow away from the burning chamber. The heat will not be able to get to the burner because it won’t be able to reach it without opening the flue. Oil and the dirt build up will only cause more pollution and the dirt will start to irritate the skin and exhaust system.

Other Types Of Flue

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Some types of oil furnaces will have the tank located above the flue. Other types will have the flue located directly below the tank. Either way there are steps to take during an oil furnace cleaning that must be followed to prevent the tank from leaking.

When cleaning the oil furnace cleaning fluid is usually used, but other types of heat exchangers will have the drain pan located in the floor of the heat exchanger. Another type of HVAC system, an open vent, will have the drain pan located above the oil tank. A professional HVAC company should be used to clean these types of heat exchangers because they have the proper equipment. These professionals also have the appropriate equipment for the proper maintenance of the heat exchanger.

Check The Efficiency

Homeowners who have the oil furnaces in their home should check the efficiency of the units on a regular basis. There are several factors that will affect the efficiency of these units. These factors include the type of fuel that is burned, the size of the home and the number of rooms that are heated. As the efficiency of the units in a home gets better the operating cost of these units will go down. Homeowners should keep a careful watch on the efficiency of these units so that the savings can be realized by the homeowner.

Final Words

The average heat pump in the home is believed to cost homeowners as much as ten thousand dollars. Most of these units are efficient and they use less than five percent of the electricity that they use in order to operate. As the efficiency of these units continues to improve homeowners may notice that their oil furnace prices decrease. Since most HVAC contractors can quote an hourly price for the service that is required they can easily make this figure as accurate as possible.

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