Meyers Cleaning Products – Natural Or Synthetic Fragrances

meyers cleaning products

Martin Meyer was a visionary when he started manufacturing mens linen cloths and other cleaning products in 1900. At the time, linens had never been as popular as they are today. They had fallen out of favor with consumers due to their carcinogen levels. They were also difficult to clean because of their stiff fabrics. Thanks to Martin Miers, these problems were addressed.

The Meyers cleaning products were geared for those who lived in large cities or for the wealthy. They were full of phosphates and other hazardous chemicals that could be dangerous to the user’s health. By working with an innovative linemaker, Martin was able to create the world’s first environmentally friendly cleaning product.

The Benefits

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Today there are many brands of commercial cleaning products that use either synthetic or plant-based ingredients. Most contain a combination of these ingredients. Martin’s brand products still focus on using only natural organic ingredients.

Martin’s premium natural cleaning products are made from natural organic ingredients including fruit enzymes, essential oils and coconut husks. They provide superior cleaning power along with superior resistance to damage from ultraviolet light. Plant-based liners have become very popular over the past few years. They’re made from non-toxic materials and can be easily washed off the floor. You can find natural cleaning products containing plant extracts in stores and online.

Huge Response

When it comes to demand, no one comes close to Martin’s. His wholesale line of cleaners and other floor care products thrive market to market and continue to grow year after year. The average customer purchases over ten times more cleaning products each year than the industry sales. With continued growth, profits are projected to continue to rise. In an environment where environmental consciousness is increasing, more consumers are looking for greener products. This results in a continuous growth for the wholesale supplier.

Specialty Products

If you were to research the origin of Meyers cleaning products, you would find that it was originally developed as a successful carpet cleaner and health and safety news print news source for New York Times. The natural cleaning process included using all natural components and they still perform to this day. In fact, the company’s core business is devoted to improving the air quality of the environment. In recognition of their efforts, the Clean Air Act was passed in 1990. The act bans the use of many harmful chemicals in order to improve the quality of the air we breathe.


When most people think of Meyers Cleaning products they either think of the traditional sulfates and ammonia cleaners or the synthetic fragrances. However, there are a number of products that fall in between these two categories. Some of these include but are not limited to, the Mop and Squeegees, which are designed to clean tile and vinyl floors; Mop and Shine, which are designed to clean car mats; Mop and Dry Vac, which are designed to clean and dry window sills and windshields; Mop and Magic Eraser, which are designed to clean and remove pet stains; and Mop and Shine, which are also designed to remove dirt and stains from the tops of window ledges and patio furniture. Each of these products has its own benefits and they each have their own specific cleaning method.

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