Maintenance Tips For Cleaning Oil Paint Brushes

cleaning oil paint brushes

Oil painting brushes are necessary for applying paint to the canvas, however, there are certain things that should be kept in mind while using them. Here we will discuss the different types of brushes that are used in oil painting.

Brush Is The Most Important Tool

The brush is the most important tool that you need when you are painting. They are available in different sizes and types so, it is important to select the one according to the kind of painting that you are doing. This would give you a smooth finish.

The first kind of brush is the “Foam Brush”, which can be used to apply the paint and also to clean the canvas after the painting process is complete. These are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs and prices. You can find the foam brushes in most of the stores.

The next type of brush is the “Medium Size Brushes”. These are available in various types of shapes, sizes and colors. These medium sized brushes are ideal for painting large size paintings.

The last type of brush is the “Roller brush”. These brushes are ideal for painting very small paintings. They are available with different sizes and types.

The brushes that you should choose should be able to provide you with smooth and a very even finish. These brushes do not come with any bristles but the paint is applied using an undercoat. Therefore, these brushes are generally used for finishing off the painting process.

Prevent Them From Getting Dirty

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The brushes should be kept properly in order to prevent them from getting dirty. Also, these brushes should be cleaned properly every now and then to remove dust and dirt. Cleaning these brushes will ensure that you do not have to buy new ones soon.

Cleaning oil painting brushes should be done periodically. Regular cleaning will help in providing you a perfect finish and also you would not need to buy new brushes.

Oil paints are usually applied on the canvas using a brush. But, there are other options that are available. These include the following:

There are brushes available that are specially designed to clean oil paints that have no bristles. You can use them for cleaning. These brushes have a long wire and are fitted with a head of thin metal that can reach into the oil paints. The head does not contain any bristles.

Removing Hardened Paint

You can also use these special brushes to remove the paint that has hardened. after painting the canvas. These brushes are used to remove the hardened paint from the canvas.

Brushes are also available that are made to clean wood. they are attached to a brush head with a hook so that you can wash the wood or metal surfaces without having to use water.

There are oil painting brushes available that are specially made for oil painting of certain surfaces. The surface of these brushes have many bristles that are used to remove the paint from the surfaces.


In order to get the best results, it is important to choose the right type of oil painting brushes for your needs. If you follow the above mentioned tips, then you can ensure that you get the best result from these brushes.

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