Living Room Ideas Using Fireplaces and Rugs

living room ideas

Living rooms are probably among the most significant rooms in any home. They set the tone, they define the general style, they bind visitors with common interests, and generally they give homeowners and guests a comfortable place to hang out. As such, they can often be some of the most difficult rooms to decorate. There are few rooms that can quite achieve the air of comfort and coziness like a living room. Fortunately, there are living room ideas that can help you turn your drab living room into an inviting, cozy space.

Living Room Ideas using Fireplaces

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One of the most common living room ideas is to create a welcoming texture through wall coverings. It’s often a good idea to feature wall textures that reflect the predominant color in the room. For instance, if your walls are predominately blue, feature wallpapers that are light blue or some variation on it. Alternatively, a dark wall with a very pale, translucent finish can make a room feel cramped, even though the lack of physical texture may make it feel as spacious as it is.

Another one of the classic living room ideas is to balance out bold wall colors with soft textured wallpaper. This type of contrast creates a rich texture in the room that makes it seem more comfortable and inviting. In order to achieve a very effective texture, choose a background color scheme that is very similar to the wall color but which is deeper or has a similar level of texture (e.g., light and dark wallpaper, or a sandy texture). Consider using accent walls for the same purpose, and paint the walls a similar tone. This can be a great way to use two different textures in one painting!

One of the classic living room ideas is to add warmth and depth to a lounge area. In this case, add intense warm colors to walls in the lounge area, while shunning tints and bold patterns and broths in favor of richer, warmer hues such as eggshell and caramel. This can be done by painting a brick red or burgundy tile on the walls and then grouting them in – a look that is complementary to both bold colors AND a rich, luxurious feel to the room. Also, consider putting up an accent wall in the lounge area for the same color scheme. It will create a wonderful sense of depth and richness in the space.

For living room ideas that are contemporary, one can consider repainting the walls in a neutral, modern color (e.g., taupe, white, gray) and then adding one or two contrasting decorative elements. This can include art glass in the lounge area for a break from tile and metal, a wrought iron candle holder on one of the walls for an interesting focal point, or a sleek, contemporary coffee table with a beautiful base that matches the color scheme. Art glass allows the art glass in paintings to show through, while the sharp edges of the iron candle holder add drama to the lounge area. The coffee table can match the sofa or it can stand alone in a unique design. The idea is to keep the lounge and dining areas looking balanced and symmetrical.

Color schemes are also essential when it comes to designing your living rooms. Neutral tones should be used throughout for furniture and art surfaces to maintain a balance of light and shade throughout the room. When creating a color scheme, choose shades that complement your favorite colors, yet are soft enough not to compete with your favorite pattern. Soft colors, whether they be monochromatic or multi-colored, are great for creating subtle accents that enhance other aspects of the room. Similarly, a bold color scheme in your living room ideas will make the space feel more exciting and dynamic.

Texture is another element that one should pay close attention to when formulating living room ideas. Often times, the type of furniture or area rug you decide on will depend on the rug you buy to go with it. The sofa and other seating can easily be made plush with a luxurious wool rug while a plain rug can be softened and warm with a suede or velour area rug. Area rugs are wonderful because they can add interest to bare flooring and can give the appearance of warmth beneath furniture. To get the texture you want, experiment by placing an area rug across a desk or on a sectional sofa until you find the texture you like.

End Note

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One final detail that many people overlook is lighting. Proper lighting is essential when it comes to creating a mood. In most cases, a fireplace in the living room will add to the overall feel of the space because it creates a cozy feeling. However, proper lighting is difficult to achieve without proper lighting. For this living room idea, think of how you would like the lighting to look prior to purchasing your fireplace, lighting, or pillows.

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