Light Up Your Colorful Light! You Can DIY Anywhere You Want! Limited Stocks Only Don’t Miss It!

Are you tired of looking at plain old doors with nothing more than a doorknob? You will not need any more support to set up the lights inside and outside of your home. You will be able to decorate your living room, bedroom, bathroom, patio, or any other space that has a window or door with beautiful illumination. We provide you with luminous light for windows and door frames. This is a waterproof luminous light that creates a gentle ambiance in your home. It is an innovative product that will make your life easier and simpler!

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What Sets Waterproof 4 Sided Luminous Light For Windows And Door Frames Apart?

The importance of creativity with the innate quality of the Lumi is indispensable for your home decoration, whether you are looking for a decorative light or illumination with the bright source of luminescent light for windows and door frames. With an average effective rate of 70%, it’s also the smallest that its permanent color. These innovative light fixtures use a unique design to produce a cool glow when installed over a traditional wooden frame. As long as your windows are secure, the extra visual appeal will also make them more resistant to damage – something that can happen with time and weather changes.


Finding a matching set of waterproof lights you can use outdoors can be frustrating. It seems that outdoor lighting is either too commercial-looking or not waterproof at all! If you want a decorative look for your garden, they’re more expensive than the cheap, white plastic ones. Our four-sided light is waterproof and safe to use outdoors. You can install it on windows and door frames without worrying if it will hold up in bad weather or not. Besides, it looks great, too!

Decorate Door Frames, Windows, and Walls

The door of the house is a place where you and your family will pass through every day, so you want it to be a place where you’re refreshed every time. Do you know that the ill-assorted decoration, or mismanagement of the house furniture, could affect your family’s emotion? Decorate doors with any one of our four-sided lights for windows and door frames that beautifies your home. This decor set has a nice and simple design that can easily blend in with most houses. The light that they give off is very bright, which makes them look more awesome.

Unique Lighting Style

A stunning home accent for holidays and special occasions, this beautiful light set makes a dramatic statement wherever it’s used. Featuring a clean-lined frame design in four translucent colors, this set of four-string lights arrives ready to use—no assembly required.

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Limited color choice is something that most buyers might miss!

In Conclusion

Waterproof 4 Sided Luminous Light for Windows and Door Frames, a revolutionary new LED light that makes you feel safe and can be hung anywhere at the home, office, shops, garages, and tents. Bright enough to illuminate your home but soft enough to not disturb your vision.

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