How About To Stop Living With A Mess?

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One of the best hacks I can give you is to maintain your home by cleaning everything from top to bottom and don’t skip anything, and that would after you declutter and have an organized place for everything. Starting from scratch with all in order sometimes can take a bit of time, but it’s worth the effort, and maintaining your home will always be more comfortable. And putting things away and retrieving them will save you time.

How To Maintain Your Home?

If you have a prominent place, then cleaning using those plastic grocery bags the way a carpenter uses his tool belt works like a charm. Paper towels, toys in another container, pens, stuff that has to put away when you have kids or hobbies are much more comfortable. You dip into the bag and dump it into its proper place. The bags are disposable. Moreover, I side them to hang cleaning tools in too. If I need a tool for the vacuum, it’s right there in the bag. I can’t be bothered to open and close the gap where they should be stored. And I don’t have a million hands I was born with. You probably don’t either.

Those bags hold a lot separately if you have kids or an artist in the family, game players that leave stuff out. X box players are dropping games all over the place. They are wasting your time if you haven’t put it away. Get out the plastic bags and organize a pickup before you vacuum when you are cleaning the room, move on, and do the same thing.

You have made a place for everything. Open the bags, and each will contain what goes where without having to separate anything again. The container for the kid’s desk or the kid’s bookshelf is full of the kid’s books.

A bag of scrabble or chess pieces can go right into the box Or on-top of the board and left in the grocery bag.

Cleaning Your House: The Way It Feels

So much of the housework is repetitive, and it isn’t enjoyable. To maintain a house as best you can, it is good to think of movements and places you are going anyway to keep things put away where they belong if you are passing an area. That way, when it is a cleaning day, you’ll be able to clean a floor or your counters and tables quickly as there will be little in your way that needs to remove to get to the surface that has to be taken care of.

Cleaning a house is not a big deal when there nothing in the way of your progress. When you stuck pulling stuff out of the vacuum or spending three houses picking up things to get to the surface that you need to clean, that is the time-consuming part.

If you have kids, make sure they declutter with you every six months or so. Make sure they have a place to put everything, and it is accessible to them. You cannot yell at them to clean their room when they have no place to put anything. If they have a lot of stuff and they are young. Bag a bunch of toys and round-robin the bags of things they have.

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