Hotel Cleaning Tips for the Housekeeping Department

It is not easy to maintain and clean a hotel. Here are some hotel cleaning tips for the housekeeping department in your hotel.

First things first: Open room windows, if applicable

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This can take a few extra seconds of time in each room, but the difference it makes can be huge. Upon entering a room, before starting with cleaning anything, open up the windows and shades.

Getting some natural light and air flow in the room can be helpful. In addition to allowing the room to “breathe,” it also provides good ventilation (for when you’re working with cleaning chemicals) and lets you see the details of what needs to be cleaned better.

Next, clear out the clutter

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Many housekeepers report that starting with a “blank slate” gives them the easiest job of cleaning a room. With that in mind, here’s what to do: empty the trash, remove linens, towels, bathmats, bottles of shampoo and other shower products, and anything else laying around.

This removes the temptation to simply wipe around items, or to pick them up and replace them after cleaning onto a wet surface—this can cause ring marks.

Clean bedroom areas first

For minimal bacterial transfer, start cleaning in the bedroom and then clean the bathroom area. This helps improve sanitation and overall cleanliness.

Give cleaning products time to work

Save time scrubbing and let the products you use do the work for you. Spray the shower walls, toilet, and sink down, then clean things like the mirrors and windows while they work.

You’ll find that when you go back and clean everything else, you’ll need to use less elbow grease.

ALWAYS sweep or vacuum before mopping

Mopping should be your last task during the cleaning process. Vacuuming or sweeping ensures that you get the dust and debris off the floor before getting it wet. Things like wet hair, for instance, can be extremely difficult to clean up off floors, and sweeping or vacuuming can help prevent that headache.

Use a toothbrush to get into nooks and crannies

For places like the screws on the bottom of a toilet, nothing works better or faster than a toothbrush.

Keep everything for cleaning in a cart

One thing that can waste a lot of time, all the time, is having to hunt down every product required for cleaning a hotel room. Housekeepers at their most efficient keep everything they need on a handy cart so that it can be brought from room to room very easily.

This is a basic tip, but it’s surprising how many hotels don’t do this!

Be sure to dust everything

Dusting is a quick and easy job, but it’s very easy to forget certain surfaces in hotel rooms. For instance, it’s easy to forget to dust off exposed light bulbs, which can gather dust quickly and look much dirtier than they are. You should also shake out the curtains every few days to knock the dust off of them before vacuuming the floors.

Make a list of all these tips and ensure to keep your premises spic and span.

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