Homemade Guitar Cleaner – How to Make Your Own Guitar Cleaner

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For years I’ve been told by many guitar players as well as concerned friends to avoid lemon oil when cleaning my guitars. Why is this advice still being given years after the product was supposedly replaced with newer more modern products? There are a few reasons for this recommendation.

Lemon Oil To Clean Your Guitar

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Short Answer. Only lemon oil should be used for cleaning your guitar’s fretboard. 100% natural essential oils are highly toxic. When they contact the guitar, they can dry out the wooden material and over time corrode the adhesive holding the felt markers to the hardwood. This causes the markers to come off, making the guitar very slippery to play. A diluted solution of lemon extract should be safe to use, but not considered essential oil-based cleaners.

Long Answer. Lemon essential oil has been widely used for centuries as an antiseptic, and antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Its essential oil is completely natural and contains no toxins or carcinogens. The lemon essential oil’s cleaning properties are similar to that of the club soda when it’s taken internally. When taken internally, it acts like a laxative, cleansing the colon, intestines, removing body waste, and regulating bowel movements.

Long History & Story

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Lemon oil was used for treating skin conditions like burns and wounds for years before modern medicine discovered aspirin. Lemon essential oils were also prescribed by the Ancient Egyptians for treating eye conditions. And of course there’s the story of its use in the legendary bath oil, known as the “Bath Sal” of the Greek civilization. In ancient days, when bathing was considered a luxury, lemon was used as an antiseptic to help clean the skin of water-soaked linen, which was common practice during the Roman Empire.

Lemon Oil As A Cleaner?

 Lemon essential oils have been used to clean the entire house, including the bathroom and kitchen. Lemon oil is also effective as a natural deodorant. Lemon oil can be applied directly to stains on the surface of glassware to remove stains quickly and easily. Lemon is also very effective as an all-purpose cleaner because it’s cheap and widely available.

Long History & Story. Lemon oils were widely used as disinfectants in the past, but they’re making a big comeback as essential oil cleaners now. Lemon’s long history as a natural, inexpensive antiseptic makes it one of the most versatile essential oils for a wide range of cleaning products. Lemon’s purifying properties make it useful as an alcohol-free alternative to chlorine bleach for bleaching and stain removal.

Last Words 

I’m a big fan of lemon oil cleaner for my guitars. I find it to be very helpful in cleaning out deep crevices, between frets and on the edges of the fretboard. It’s also helpful when it comes to polishing up my guitars. I simply spray some on, let it sit and then use a damp cotton ball to polish up the dirt and grime. It’s so easy and inexpensive! If you’re looking for a good guitar cleaning product that won’t harm your guitar and is very easy on the environment, give a homemade cleaner a try!

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