Every Hotel Needs a Hotel Room Cleaning Plan

hotel room cleaning

Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist To begin the hotel room cleaning routine and before entering a guest’s room, all members of the hotel cleaning staff must knock on the front door and identify themselves as guest cleaners. If guests are present in the room, request they require any additional amenities or clean towels. If not, ask them for a list of their name, address, and phone number. This will enable hotel room cleaners to provide this service to future guests.

Hotel Room Cleaning

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The hotel room cleaning process begins after guests have vacated the room. Once all surfaces are cleaned, mopping can commence. It is important for hotel room cleaners to ask the guest if they would like to take a break and be serviced with hot water extraction (heat) or a steam cleaning system. In many cases, heat mops or steam cleaning systems are required to remove the grimy, oily food left on surfaces by previous guests.

In most cases, hotel room cleaning companies prefer to offer opt-out programs to guests who request a specific type of service. These customers may have had experience with a particular company that they do not wish to continue with. Some hotel companies allow customers to “opt-out” of having their room cleaned, and others offer the option of having the hotel room cleaned for no cost. These hotel companies recognize the value of advertising and would rather have customers opt-out rather than having the option of having no service at all.

Important Aspects

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Hotel room service with cleanliness as the bottom line has always been the preferred choice of customers. However, in order to increase customer satisfaction and improve profitability, hotel companies must make a long-term commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Not only will the quality of services improve, but the quality of the reputation of the establishment will certainly do wonders for its tourism. This is another reason why hotel companies make it a point to offer high-quality cleaning options to their customers. They want their name to be atop the list of great hotels!

The standard operating procedures used by hotel guest care teams are often not up to par with what professional cleaning teams are able to provide. A professional team can follow these standards with pride. Standard operating procedures usually have very specific instructions for every step of cleaning. A hotel guest can count on having his or her room cleaned, not having to worry about being confused, or asking for extra help. If a hotel does not follow the standard operating procedures, then it is likely that guests will become frustrated, and this could result in them avoiding future hotel guest accommodations.

Important Consideration

A hotel room checklist covers everything that needs to be done when cleaning. A checklist includes tasks such as cleaning the windows, cleaning the floors, vacuuming and dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, and more. It also typically includes tasks that guests need to be aware of. For example, a hotel room checklist might include a request that all members go through a safety training program before being allowed to enter the swimming pool. Another hotel room checklist might call for members to pick up their towels and put them in the laundry.

When a hotel guest arrives at his or her hotel room, it is oftentimes an experience that leaves the person not feeling so refreshed. In order to ensure that this does not happen, hotel cleaning staff can make the process much more exciting. One way that this can be achieved is by making each room a “smack” or “grab” area. Hotel cleaning staff can place a sheet of paper on each surface within the room and then ask the guest to grab a paper and clean the surface. Using the same procedure, guests can clean their beds, and if the bed ends up too dirty, they can use a washcloth instead of using the washer.

Bottom Line

It is important for a hotel to have a regular cleaning schedule. The frequency by which the rooms are cleaned is dependent on the needs of each guest. Most people expect to be in and out of their hotel room within five minutes. Therefore, many hotels require their guest rooms cleaning staff to clean them at least once per hour. More infrequently, guests will need their hotel rooms to be cleaned more frequently. Keeping a hotel’s rooms as clean as possible is very important for hotel owners.

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