Easy Steps To Clean Your Room By Yourself

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You wish to clean your room but you don’t know where to start from? This article is all about that, it’s gonna guide you through a step-by-step process of proper room cleaning. Let’s dive into it.

Things You Are Gonna Need

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You can’t clean all the dust and dirt using your hands, You’re gonna need some tool to help you with cleaning. These are the things that you’re gonna need:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cleaning spray
  • Long handle duster
  • Few sheets or papers

Start By Covering Your Stuff

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Before you start cleaning your room, you need to make sure that your bed and other stuff don’t get covered in dust as you do the cleaning. So first, remove the bedsheet of your bed, remove the pillow and quilt covers as well. Send them for Laundry. At the same time, cover the mattress with some cloth or old bed sheet. Cover small cupboards and paintings etc as well for now as we’re gonna clean them after cleaning the dirtiest parts of the room. Take all your pillows and quilts out of the room, bring them back after cleaning your room.

Start With The Things You Can’t See

Start with cleaning your ceiling fans and air conditioners units as their hidden parts can be really dirty. Use the long handle duster and microfiber cloth to clean them properly.

Then move to the shelves that are above the head level as these are often ignored and don’t often get cleaned regularly. Clean them with your microfiber cloth. You can lay sheets or papers at the top of the shelves, it will help to protect them from dust and cleaning the next time will be easier. Make sure to clean your lights as well.

Time To Clean And Arrange Important Stuffs

Now it’s time to clean all the cupboards and drawers that you use regularly. But before that, take all the stuff out of them. Use a wet microfiber cloth to remove all the dust, it will make them shine. Clean them from outside as well. The small cupboards and wall paintings etc that we had covered earlier, uncover them and cover them too.

Once the cupboards have been cleaned, it’s time to put all your stuff back inside them. Arrange all your things carefully and put similar kinds of stuff in the same drawer or sections of the cupboards. If there are any electric items lying here and there, put them in the drawers. The clothes you had in the almirah, make sure to check them as well to see if some of them need washing. If it is so, then send those clothes to the laundry.

Clean your mirror as well, a dirty mirror makes a bad impression on the people who come to visit you and can really dig a hole in your image. Now clean all the sofas and tables. If you find any unnecessary stuff in your room, keep them aside to give it to someone else who might need all those things and throw the rest into the dustbin.

End with All The Remaining Things

It’s time to clean your bed, clean it using the long handle duster.  After that, moving to clean the rest of the things like doors, windows, and curtains. Clean the doors and windows using a long handle duster and microfiber. Remove all the curtains and send them for cleaning. And in the end, we’re going to clean the floor. You can use a vacuum cleaner to make sure the floor gets cleaned properly.

Final Words

A neat and clean room is gonna make you feel better about yourself and you must make it a habit to clean your room at least once in a while. The tips above can really help you with room cleaning.

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