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Rug Cleaning; Convenient Rug Cleaning Hacks

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Rugs and carpets give a beautiful look to your house. They can get the room together. However, they quickly accumulate dirt and dust, which comes by shoes or pets. Many research proves that the dirty rug can contain millions of microorganisms in them. Hence, you need to clean them regularly. But you can do it easily by taking the proper steps. Here, we present some easy tips that might help you in the efficient cleaning of your rug.

Convenient Rug Cleaning Hacks To Try
Convenient Rug Cleaning Hacks To Try

1. Start Rug Cleaning With Vacuum

You must vacuum your rug regularly. It will remove most of the dirt and debris from it and prevent it from settling deep in the fibers. The deep one can be difficult to clean. Also, make sure to shake your rug before you start vacuuming. It removes the loose dirt on the surface which the vacuum can easily pick. Do not use a rotary brush vacuum cleaner because it can cause harm to your rug. We advise you to use nozzle attachment for the rug cleaning.

2. Clean Up Spillages Quickly

If any liquid falls on the carpet, try to soak it as soon as possible. Any laziness will let the liquid to penetrate deep which can be hard to remove. You can use white cotton cloth for this task. Just put it in the region. Do not rub the part with it as it can cause damage. Then remove the liquid soaked by the cloth. Repeat this until all of it is absorbed and vanished. Then leave it to dry for some hours.

3. Remove All The Stains In Rug Cleaning

Now, you can wash the rug if it is washable. You need a rug cleaner or detergent for its washing. Add the detergent in warm or normal water. Avoid too much hot water as it can make the rug to shrink or fade. Perform the washing with a small color test. Start washing with any corner and ensure that the color should not bleed. Then you can wash it thoroughly. Use a soft rush to clean it. Soak it in clean water to rinse the cleaner or detergent after some time.

Convenient Rug Cleaning Hacks To Try
Convenient Rug Cleaning Hacks To Try

4. Let It Sun Dry

When you rinse the soap or detergent by using clean water, it soaks a lot of water. You need to remove it to let it dry. The wet-dry vacuum will make the task done. You can also squeeze it if you don’t have such a vacuum. Now, lay it flat and allow it to dry. When the top is dry, then flip it to wipe the backside. Make sure to dry it thoroughly. After that, you can use it again.

Last Words

The rug will enhance your room. However, the dirty one can ruin the look of your room. Hence, you must clean them regularly. Just you need to clean it rightly.

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