9 Natural Cleaning Products That Kill Germs

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Germs are an essential part of the ecosystem but outside nature, they cause tremendous harm to human habitation and are capable of massive damages worth thousands of rupees. It is essential that their progress is checked and acted upon at the initial stages to prevent any damage in the home or office premises. One need not undergo costly pest-control treatments to prevent germs infestation. There are certain natural cleaning products that can help home and business owners to kill germs naturally.

natural cleaning products
Natural Cleaning Products

Natural Cleaning Products To Kill Germs

The strong natural remedy – Vinegar

Vinegar is a powerful natural ingredient that helps to kill germs in an effective way and also deter others from using a particular shelter tube. It can be used in its pure form or in a diluted form with equal parts of water and vinegar. Repeated applications of vinegar solution help in preventing germs infestations and also in stopping those which are in their early stages.

Germs killing Nematodes

These natural microscopic worms can be used as a form of pest control. They are available online or at garden supply stores. These are available in a live form in a container housed within a sponge-like substance. This sponge is squeezed in water creating a nematode rich solution. This solution is applied to areas affected by germs shelter tubes or areas where germs are visible. The nematodes eventually kill the germs by infecting them and these infected germs carry the nematodes into their nests and colonies and destroy large portions of their populations.

Citrusy Orange oil

Germs cannot stand the strong smell of an orange. Orange oil is extracted from orange peel and is used as a pest control agent. It is very affordable and efficient in getting rid of germs. This mixture can be diluted with water and sprayed on the germs infested area.

chemical-free cleaning products
Chemical-Free Cleaning Products

The medicinal plant – Aloe Vera

Not only used for its medicinal properties, but aloe vera is also highly popular as a home remedy for getting rid of germs. This plant is very common and found almost everywhere. A mixture of its gel with water, when applied to the infested area, kills the germs instantly.

Refreshing Clove Oil

The strong fragrance of the clove oil also repels the germs and kills them instantly. A mixture of clove oil and water when sprinkled on the affected area, kills the germs instantly. Vetiver oil can also be used as an efficient and organic method of repelling germs naturally and for a long time.

Your very own Table Salt

Table salt is also known as sodium chloride is the easiest and quickest way of getting rid of the nasty germs. Simply sprinkle some salt on the infected area or spray some salty water on the infested area for desired results. Similarly, granulated salt can also be sprinkled around the germ’s nests to kill them and prevent them from further entering.

Use some Petroleum Jelly

On applying a coat of this jelly on the furniture and placing that furniture under the sun, germs will leave the wood immediately. This is a safe and reliable way of preventing the germs from destroying pieces of furniture and other woodwork in the house or office.

Germs find it hot too; Hot Chilli Peppers

These germs repellent hot-chili peppers can be planted in pot plants along with balconies or in garden beds along with other vegetables to repel germs. Like humans, germs also find Chilli Peppers hot.

The beautiful Marigolds

Marigolds are not only beautiful flowering plants but are also reliable insect deterrents. They keep crop-destroying pests at bay and are also quite effective on germs, ants, cockroaches, and spiders. These plants produce beautiful orange and yellow flowers annually which add to the beauty of any garden.

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