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better life cleaning products

If you are searching for natural and plant-based formulated cleaning products then you are at the right place. Better life cleaning products will save your life with their powerful natural cleaning. It is the brainchild of Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs. These are all cruelty-free products and never tested on animals. Better life cleaning products are made with biodegradable and plant-based ingredients. They are also absolutely safe around pets and kids. it makes a wide range of cleaning products and can clean anything and everything. They are very safe, actually the safest and the greenest. All the products are eco-friendly which is the best part about Better life cleaning products. They have made the decision to avoid using harsh chemicals in their products. They put money into the cleaning agents that go into their items. In their scented items, they only use essential oils. They’re made from natural ingredients, smell great, and are a safe alternative to synthetic fragrances. Know about why better life cleaning products stand out, products, and whether they are safe for septic systems.

Why Does Better Life Cleaning Products Stand Out?

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Here are a few reasons why Better life cleaning products stand out of all the other cleaning products in the market 

It is mineral and plant-based.

It is absolutely cruelty-free. 

It has no harmful fumes as no such chemical is used. It is naturally scented.

Biodegradable ingredients are used to make the products. 

They prevent using sulfates, dyes, artificial scents, and petroleum solvents. 

They are also proven to be safe if swallowed by mistake.


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Here are the Better life cleaning products 

Natural cleaner – they have all kinds of cleaners ranging from floor cleaners to screen cleaners and stone cleaners. They also have wood polish and stainless-steel polish. 

Soaps and lotion.

Dish soap and dishwasher gel.

Laundry cleaners.

Toilet cleaner, kitchen cleaner, and tile cleaner 


Gift packs and kits.


Are The Better Life Products Safe For Septic Systems? 

Yes, Better life cleaning products are made by using a mixture of surfactants that are derived from sustainable plant sources. All the better life products are completely biodegradable. Many of the products also meet the 28-day European standard for ‘readily biodegradable’ classification within just 10 days. This suggests that better life cleaning products are a good solution for U.S homes that use septic systems. 


All of their products are made entirely of plants and vegetables, with no added fragrances, dyes, or potentially harmful chemicals. All goods must be fully environmentally friendly and biodegrade twice as quickly as the industry norm. Finally, all brands must outperform the big-name cleaners that employ so many harsh chemicals. All of the better life cleaning products are available on Amazon. When you are choosing cleaning products, you have to be careful about the brand choice so that you can follow the same and make it a routine to use these brand cleaning products for your cleaning requirements. If you are still confused about purchasing the right one, you can always ask professionals in the field and read reviews to check if a better life is your choice. 

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