Bedroom Cleaning Tips And What You Are Leaving Behind

Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Since you spend time in your bedroom sleeping and relaxing, it should always be clean and clutter-free so you can stay in your mellow mood and not be distracted by socks on the floor or other mess. These five tips will help you keep your room clean.

Clothes In The Closet

This is the first step to keeping the bedroom clean and tidy: make sure your clothes are stored in your closet.

How many times have you walked into your bedroom and found clothes strewn all over: on the desk, on the chair, on the bed, on the floor? They’re not someone else’s clothes, they’re your clothes and they’re all over the place. You should put them in the closet or the laundry bin if you want to tidy up the room a bit. Do this and you eliminate almost half of the trash in your room without even picking up the broom or trash can.

Don’t Leave Behind What You Can Take With You

A bed in a room

The second step to a clean bedroom is remembering what you took into the room, so you’ll remember to take it with you on the way out. Small items like glasses or cups, magazines and mail top the list. These items build up and before you know it, the bedroom is full of unnecessary junk.

Take these items out when you leave the room so they don’t get in the way when you need to do some work or are simply looking to unwind in your bedroom. Hopefully, this small step removes the clutter in your room and keeps it from looking congested with all that extra stuff.

Trash Talk

Trash is a continuing problem in society, both in the office and at home. It’s so much easier to just throw the cheeseburger wrapper on the floor rather than get up and cross the living room into the kitchen for the trash can. What can you do? Bring the trash can into the bedroom.

The first rule of thumb is never throw organic waste in the trash can-only items that don’t spoil in a span of days. Don’t forget to empty the can every other day or so! An unkempt trash can is just as bad as having trash on the floor.

Carpet Stains

The floor is often the dirtiest surface in the bedroom. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the carpet is filled with dirt, grime, dust, earth and stains of all kinds. You should wash the carpet or run the vacuum on a daily basis to keep your bedroom from smelling like mold.

From Dawn ‘Til Dust

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“All this dust will be the death of me,” the maid says, sweeping the attic floor. A little dust can’t kill you, sure but too much is cause for alarm, especially for someone with asthma. Plus, dust tends to attract mites, and that isn’t a very pretty picture.

We recommend dusting on a regular basis. Do a general cleaning of the bedroom every three to four months to keep ahead of serious buildup. Sweep thoroughly, reaching down into every crevice.

Thinking about cleaning up your bedroom as five small tasks, rather than one large one, can make it easier on a daily basis. Try taking care of one tip each day, and you’ll find that your room stays fairly clean all the time. Plus, just a few minutes a day will leave you lots of time for relaxation.

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