Baby Cleaning Room Games – Fun Games You Can Play While Cleaning Your Babys Room

baby cleaning room games

Baby cleaning is always loads of fun, and with a few games to keep you occupied, it is even better. It will help mothers, fathers, and even new fathers and grandfathers. If you are having trouble cleaning the baby’s room, try one of these game ideas below.

A Good List Of Easy To Play Baby Cleaning Room Games For Baby Room Hazel. There are quite a few games on the market designed to keep babies entertained. Hazel is one of Disney’s most popular characters, which is why it is perfect for this type of game. A good list of easy to play baby cleaning room games for baby room Hazel can be found on Babies Raving Blond.

A Few Good Ones To Try. The first game in this list is a simple one but an entertaining one. A good way to get toddlers interested in playing in the kitchen is by using cooking as the theme for their games. Try to use items that your toddler can use around the house, such as bibs, bottles, bowls, etc., and maybe have some of your ingredients on hand to add to the mix.

Make It Rain

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This game is perfect for the nursery or baby rooms. It is a simple platform game where there is a basic platform with water below. The objective of the game is to make rain by tapping at the bottom of the platform. This is a good choice for toddlers because it will give them an idea of how things work and how much fun they can have while doing something fun.

Rain Man

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It may look like a silly game, but it is so fun that my baby actually won’t want to stop playing once he/she gets started! All you need to do is make shapes out of the dryer sheet with the pieces cut from cardboard. After forming the shapes, stick them onto the platform and let your baby create a cloud. It’s as easy as pie and is so much fun to watch them make the clouds!

Paper Bag Mania

This one can be played in any house area but especially the nursery. Your baby needs to hold one of the paper bags and make sure that he/she doesn’t put it on the floor. Once it hits the floor, then it’s gone! Simple and yet addicting!

Down Baby Game

This is a cute game played while the mom takes care of the baby. You’ll need many diapers to line the crib and make sure that the baby’s head is down. Once you hear, the baby makes a sound, and Mom quickly snatches the diaper off and starts to check the baby’s bottom. If the baby’s bottom is up, then she has to start over with new diapers.

These Games Are Completely Safe

The best part about these games is that they are completely safe for baby! You can even make your own to keep the baby entertained for hours. You can find hundreds of games online to keep a baby’s little mind and body busy. One word of caution: Before letting your child play these games, check with your doctor. Many games like these are designed for older kids, but they can also negatively affect them if they’re playing too much.

Another great one to give baby puzzles. Again, you need to be very careful about this one because once a baby gets too used to having a puzzle to solve, they can become destructive. That’s why it’s important to give them something they can’t destroy.

For younger children, there are also coloring pages. These games will not only entertain the baby, but you’ll be able to use the color palette to help her learn colors as well. Coloring pages usually come in sets that contain a coloring page, eraser, and several other things you’ll need to color the picture.

Final Words

If you want to play one of these games during the first few weeks when the baby’s not very active, you can put the blanket on the floor and leave it there. Babies don’t care where they’re going as long as they get some exercise. Soon enough, the baby will find this bedtime routine comfortable enough to fall asleep on! You should keep up this routine even after the baby has started sleeping in his room.

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