Amazing Oil Furnace Nozzle Cleaning Tips Guide And Steps

oil furnace nozzle cleaning

Amazing Oil Furnace Nozzle Cleaning Tips: Guide And Steps

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Step One: Preparing 

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First, you will need to take a good look at the nozzle to see how bad it is. Then you may end up requiring replacing it. So, cleaning it is something that you should first try. However, you will need to place the nozzle in the metal container and put just enough kerosene in it to cover it. Once you have done this, then you are ready to get your furnace nozzle. Moreover, it is very important to make sure that you have your furnace entirely shut off, as it could be very dangerous with a running furnace.

Step Two: Remove The Nozzle 

Now, you have to remove the nozzle gently. Your oil burner gun will have an oil burner nozzle. You can usually remove the nozzle with your hand by simply twisting it free. In this step, if you are having problems with removing it, try a pair of pliers. However, use caution with these pliers as they could end up doing damage to your nozzle.

Step Three: Soak

After that, you have to drop the nozzle into the container filled with kerosene. The nozzle itself will require to sit for about half an hour to make sure to get all of the debris and soot off of it. Well, after taking the nozzle out from the kerosene, get out your rag and clean it. Moreover, you can get a can of compressed air and blow it off if there looks to be any debris still hanging on. If your nozzle still looks dirty, then you may want to leave it to soak for a little bit longer before you put it back.

Step Four: Remove Sintered Filter

Before you set the nozzle back into place, you will need to remove the filter at the nozzle’s end. However, there is a brass screw pin that you will require to eliminate so that you can look into the steel opening disk. When everything looks clean and clear, you can put it all back together.

Step Five: Replace 

Oil furnace nozzles are economical and should ultimately be replaced. If you have washed the nozzle and checked its interior and it looks to be clogged, you will need to replace it. Then you can usually find these nozzles at any home improvement store for fewer than ten dollars. It is good always to have one on hand if you need to replace it even after cleaning.

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