Bronze Age Chinese Bells

A Collection of Bronze Age Chinese Bells: Story Of Innovation

Bronze age last on 3300 – 1200 BC. Ancient people passed so many eras with their development of lifestyle. When they reached into the stone age, people tend to make their weapons and day today utility instruments by stones. Though it sounds easy, they had to work so hard to get the outcome. Eventually, people stepped into the bronze age. They found out, dealing with metal is far better than with the stones. Middle east and the Chinese were the first to involve in metal-based products. Bells played a significant role within the range. Chinese sounds made a remarkable footprint in ancient days.

Bells Are Not Only As A Decoration

  • The signals initially used as a communication device. Furthermore, it maintained different styles of tones to represent relevant incidents. But, presently, we can not precisely say the correct version of that bell ringing. It still depends on the reason and the place, the bell is using.
  • Bells used as musical instruments. Early days, when all gathered for leisure talk, they sang songs with the help of the sounds.

With the development of technology now, we do not an experience of using the bells as a communication device. So, the primary purpose of having a signal nowadays would be for decoration.!

The Development Of The Chinese Bell

  • The Archaeological sources say, first bells were involved with the Shang dynasty. It was a small-sized one hand-bell. By the time, the shape and the size of the sounds reformed. Accordingly, by the rise of the Zhou dynasty, bell – chime taken as a spiritual icon. So every religious event has taken place by centering the bell chime. Afterward, this bell-chime involved in political activities too.
  • The most beautiful part of the Chinese bell is its appearance. Those arts were related to the historical event that took place in China.
  • At the same time, due to the thickness and the quality of the metal being used to make the bell, the musical rank will be defined.
  • However, with the elimination of the Zhou dynasty, the bell manufacturing boost came down gradually. On the one hand, the process of making the bells quite complicated. On the other side, bearing also costs too high.
  • Accordingly, Buddhism came to China at the period of AD 25 – 225. So, the value of the bells again risen. People used bell chimes to conduct Buddhist rituals. Different people have different views on hearing the chime.
  • The Yongle bell in Beijing is known as the biggest in the world. It weighs 46 Tons.
  • The Audience bell and the watch bell are the newest versions of metal bells in China.


By the way, the Chinese are very proud of their ancient metal bells. It produces unique sounds. Sometimes it smothers down broken hearts, but sometimes, it creates homesickness to broken hearts too.

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