The Baby’s Breath Flower Profile

Cheating Nature With An Artificial Bonsai Tree

Baby breath flowers come under the species of gypsophila repens that are widely found on gypsum rocks. Baby`s Breath generally has blue-green petals grown on plants with fleshy stems. However, the diameter of this flower varies from 1-8 inches. These flowers develop during June and July. These flowers are so pretty that it is extensively used in small amounts in bouquets in the form of sprays to give a pleasant appearance.

When in a bunch, it bears a profusion due to the volume. However, the stems of these plants are very lean, which results in an airy effect in the garden.

A Close Look Into The Baby`S Breath Flower

However, baby breath plant has become a must in the floral arrangements, owing to its dainty look. These flowers are found in bulk in the Eastern parts of Europe, mainly in Turkey.

More About Baby`s Breath

It is pleasing to watch the greenish-blue sparse in the flower garden growing from 3-5 inches high. However, these flowers work well with the indoor decoration by giving it access to your spring-flowering bulbs. It will look great hanging at your balconies or bedroom window.

 Grow A Babys Breath Flower 

You can easily plant a Baby breath plant in a zone of 4-9 as a perennial flower. The best grow in the full sun. Although a slight shade does not bring any harm to the plant. However, it is ideal for keeping the plant in the open area so that it has easy access to the sunlight, thus promoting and effecting growth.

The growth of a baby’s breath plant depends upon the soil to grow well. Therefore it is preferable to use sandy soil over clayey soil.

Considerably you can lend support to your baby breath flower by using grow through stakes at the time of planting the bulb. Usually, baby breath plants are drought resistant i.e., they do not dry up quickly and do not require a massive amount of water.

Varieties of baby’s breath Flower For You To Try

However, Baby’s breath variety of flowers does justice to the floral trade by providing a wide range of flowers topping the first preference of the flower lovers. Here are some attractive and worth watching types of baby breath plants:

Gypsophila Repens– Baby`s Breath Flower

It is the most common form of baby breath which comes in white and pink blossoms. It is commonly used in a pair with mini Christmas tree

Bristol fairy

These are the white semi-doubled flowers extensively used in the floral trade.

Viette`s Dwarf

Another set of baby breath, highlighting pink flowers.

The Bottom Line

The presence of a baby’s Breath adds up wanderlust in your garden, thereby enhancing the beauty of your lawns. However, these flowers are most suitable for cottage gardens and also used to make a fantastic cut-flower. Moreover, it is used as a filler in the bouquets to enhance the floral arrangement.

Moreover, the specialty of this flower is that it has multiple uses. It means that their use can be extended in gardening as well as for decoration purposes.

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